by Poet Vin

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Welcome To Solitude.


released December 25, 2015

All songs produced, written, recorded, and mixed by Poet Vin
Album art by Poet Vin



all rights reserved


Poet Vin Texas

Welcome to Solitude.

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Track Name: On
On yeah I'm on
On yeah I'm on
On yeah on

Verse 1:
Ain't had this in awhile, I ain't dissed in awhile
It's been a long time yeah a long time
It's been a roller coaster
Been on the up, but now it's going down
Trying to be heard from coast to coast
Not just in the city; no no don't frown
I'm not leaving the city just forming a team
Been doing so well they wanna join
I ain't feelin' it, not even a little bit
Had a chick ask if I rap a bit
I said yeah I do this often
Often yeah I do it often


Verse 2:
Spaced out, I'm way out, I'm on one, I'm on two
I'm doing what I have to, I rap dude, I'm that dude
Who tuned your ears, reached for your soul
And made you shed you tears
Dear John, Oh wow,
Don't relapse, but what if she wants me back
Ain't felt this way in awhile, in awhile
Take trip back to when I felt that
Reset my phone and read all the text back
I love you to goodbye
Then listen to goodbye, I hate you all over
Ain't felt this way in awhile, in awhile
It's always the nice ones that end up hurt
It wasn't said to me, but it was said to me
I don't follow you
Caught it off the retweet
Retweet #Single
I can't do it again
I can't do it again
I can't do it again

Track Name: Man in the Mirror
I'm looking at the man in the mirror
I'm looking at the man in the mirror
The man in the mirror
The man in the mirror

Verse 1:
The way I'm rapping now
I should be on a red carpet
Get flowers thrown everywhere
I ain't even got feature
Look what I got popping
No nasa need when I'm launching like a rocket
I'm out the pocket, I'm off the topic
I'm optimistic I'll make it
I'm pacing myself
Brace yourself I'm 0 to100
Real quick
Had say it once. I need that.
Truth be told. I need this more hold
Fast forward
Just keep moving forward
That what I tell the man in mirror
Like mirror mirror on the wall
I'm aware the I'm hardest rapper out
Not flexing that's just work of mouth
Word of mouth I'm killin the game
That's all that I been hear bout
I'm hear bout all the things
My high school class is goin through
Who'll be most successful out of all
I most creative
I should of won it
I should won it


Verse 2:
The man in mirror swear I went too far
I done strayed from what I used be
And now I'm not nice
I look him in the eyes
Tell him Ive been though life
I done seen my friend die young
Made me think bout life
I'd done fell in and out of love
Made me cautious and heartless
Part the mishap switchback to the topic
I' hit rock bottom
My friends helps through that
Made me love a little more
Shoutout EB3
And Matt got them hop son
Will Rastafarie,
Brett regime he got the team
Trav Trav
And last Micah the worm
How perfect was that?
I need a second
Break; Pause
I love em all
I swear
I love em all
They squad
When I make it, they rollin with me


Verse 3:
Last verse I got to recap then retap that
Avoid the relapse cause shit man I been through that
I lost some friends through that
Strayed from my dream
Swear I'm back on track
Larry Fish with the song
I got the keys and the mic
I got the vision
I see the evil
The skeletons in yo closet and all yo demons
Cross me and get ethered
Looking in my eyes and see the same evil
The same weak
I'm just a man and the man in the mirror
couldn't be more clear about that
That's how I feel bout that
That's how I feel bout that