Haley's Freestyle (Prod. By NewDerseyBeats)

from by Poet Vin

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Hella rumors and whispers
I heard em all, but I don't pay attention
Jaw just dropping at the things mention
LIke why would you say that know I'm honest
Got reasons for all my actions, I really did it fun
I'm really coping with pain, a relapse happening again
The bros hate that did, but they got faith in the boy
They want me to find my equal, they don't wanna see a squeal
They sick hearing collect feelings, a fourth one really might kill em
I wrote this lyrics in Europe, but now I'm living em
Though I had everything that I need, been an addict
I'm a sucker for love, I thought my searching had ended
Looking back I was wrong, anger got the best of me
It never last though, look at our past though
Finally let me speak, just listen that's all I ask
I could see I wasn't swimming, I was drowning, climbing mountain
Trying making you happy, now I'm the villain
I forgive, not forget, remember you said you hate me
You never said that before
That's something we can't ignore
Somehow I got a feeling, it's deeper feeling
Do you understand, tell me you understand
You prolly won't, you never did
My opinion
You never saw my side
Even though I painted murals
Guess it only counts if it's real
Like all these songs that I wrote
Speakin' of these songs you ain't notice all them songs I wrote?
Like if my profess my love, It's not test my love
Even if I just said I love my love, you would quiz my love
So that I give you, bud

Dawg this is the last time. I swear
The last time, ever
I am not mentioning this shit again
Ever, ever bro, ever


from Weekend 32, released August 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Poet Vin Texas

Welcome to Solitude.

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