My Boo (Prod. By Poet Vin)

from by Poet Vin

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Verse: Poet Vin
I'm in love with her, she don't really care
Life keeps moving on, am I moving too
I can't really tell, she should find my love
But now she's moving on, I can't take it now
She might be the one, be the one for me
Now I'm stuck at home, she keeps going out
Only thing worse than being trapped in a city
Is being trapped in a city where there's nothing for you
Cause the girl that you love, just don't love you
And I been through it all, seen it happen
Wear my heart on my sleeve, that's expensive armour
Got a couples cracks, but it still ain't broke
Cause I still got hope, thanks to ma
She keeps it clear for me, talked it out so long
Really seemed prolonged, wish I had more time
Think I'm getting there, been aware that
I get so attached, had enough that
Going anywhere, you should met me there
I could stick to that
You should get a gown, I can get a tux
I could stick to that
I hears wedding bells, I can't get enough
I drown in fear with these lone emotionless
I swear I'm hopeless, hope never notice
I tried with you, I tried for you

Outro: Ted Mosby
Actually there is a word for that
It's love
I'm in love with her, okay
If you're looking for the word
That means caring about someone
Beyond all rationality
And wanting them to have everything they want
No matter how much it destroys you
It's love
and where you love someone
You just you don't stop, ever!
Even when people roll their eye or call you crazy
Even then, especially then
You just you don't give up!
Because if I could give up
If I could just take the whole world;s advice
and move on and find someone else
That wouldn't be love
That would be, that would be some other disposable thing
That is not worth fighting for
But I, that not what this is


from Weekend 32, released August 20, 2016



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